Kocreate Incubation and Training Program is India’s first such program for creative entrepreneurs and businesses. There are many designers, architects, innovators and freelancers in India, but not any programs that take charge to train and equip this sector. We have taken the onus to create a detailed coursework, with each course of 3 months, that familiarizes one with the basics of creation and business, and guides you with activities to build and sustain your own business. Created and supported by industry leaders, this program is set to help you embark on your entrepreneurial journey.

Our goal is to create a conducive ecosystem with access to premium resources, for incubation of new ideas and young minds. Kocreate aims to support beginners and young professionals that want to dream, build, hustle and sustain their own business in the creative field. With our level wise training module, beginners, entrepreneurs and businesses can get equipped for the creative field and scale their venture.